andersonville sustainability

The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting local business by providing resources so they may implement environmental best practices and take action to improve and protect the environment at the local level and beyond.

Environmental Programs & Partners

Clark Street Composts with WasteNot Compost
Bike Corrals
Farmer's Market produced by our sister organization ASCA
Recycling by Cleanslate by CARA
Little Free Seed Library | 5600 N Ashland
Parkways for Pollinators in partnership with the Edgewater Environmental Coalition
For information about native species and best practices for ALL things seeds Click here
Sustainability Advocacy please join the Edgewater Environmental Coalition meetings

Previous Initiatives

Streetscape Recycling by Cleanslate by CARA
Dine Out with REUSO in Andersonville

ACC Planning & Events for Sustainability

Earth Month is APRIL!
Little Free Seed Library

For more information on upcoming events please email

Forever Ware | Deposit style reusable coffee cups and take out containers

TerraCycle| Become a Terracycle Host site for one of the many different options to help recycle.


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