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The purpose of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce is to foster a vibrant environment in which Andersonville businesses can thrive by attracting a diverse customer base; providing business support services and advocacy; and engaging in business attraction, long-range planning, and economic development.

What is a chamber of commerce?

tldr; We do a lot!

A chamber of commerce is a non-profit organization that works to support and promote the interests of businesses and members within a particular community or region. The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce (ACC) is a 501(c)6 organization and a delegate agency of the city of Chicago's Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP), offering specialized services under the Neighborhood Business Development Center (NBDC). More information about the typical functions of the ACC can be found by clicking the area of interest.

Guiding Principles:

Think local first
We serve our community and maintain a distinctive market niche by supporting locally owned, independent businesses and encouraging trade within the business community. Local businesses re-circulate more money in their communities than non-local, are engaged in neighborhood life and well-being, cater to local tastes and needs, meet everyday needs, operate sustainably, and are overwhelmingly preferred by Andersonville residents.

We actively encourage diversity in our community, understanding that it is precisely what makes us attractive both to businesses and residents. A diverse and integrated community includes people of various ages, backgrounds, economic levels, and lifestyles.

A sense of place
We value “human-scale” development. Andersonville’s vibrant commercial district creates a sense of place and belonging that promotes security and happiness. We seek to maintain our historic architecture. We believe that beautiful design, natural elements and walk-ability are crucial to community well-being. We celebrate our history through support of local cultural institutions and promotions that keep the community’s traditions alive. We actively promote a balanced mix of businesses. We take pride in being a part of and contributing to Chicago, our great city.

We build community among our businesses and residents through collaboration and cooperation. Andersonville businesses support the residential community through providing goods, services, and community gathering space, and collaborating with local institutions and non-profits. The businesses support one another by participating actively in events and promotions and through referrals and other assistance. In turn, our local residents are dedicated to supporting local Andersonville businesses. Our community members understand that “it takes a village” to maintain a thriving commercial district.

As a community of entrepreneurs, we value innovation and constantly seek to keep Andersonville on the cutting edge of best practices for sustainable, urban business districts. We share our knowledge with other communities. We believe local business ownership is good for communities and, to that end, we support public policies that encourage and advance entrepreneurship.

Act local, think global
Lasting health and prosperity can occur only if we work in concert with our natural environment. We understand that our community belongs to a larger system, and we consider our actions in light of the effect they have on the well-being of our planet.


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