Join the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce at the Chicago Waldorf School for Valborg on April 30th from 5PM-8PM.

Valborg is a Swedish tradition that marks the arrival of spring and is often seen as an opportunity to bid farewell to the winter months. One of the central elements of Valborg celebrations in Sweden is the lighting of large bonfires. These bonfires are typically lit in public spaces, such as parks or community squares, and people gather around them to socialize, sing songs, and enjoy the warmth of the fire. In addition to bonfires, other common activities during Valborg include singing traditional songs, particularly ones associated with spring and nature.

We invite the community to come gather around the fire for this new event! In addition to the festivities and in celebration of Earth Month, we will have eco-friendly and sustainability resources available.


Edgewater Environmental Coalition

The EEC will be offering free native seed packets to kickstart your garden! They'll be collecting and sharing seeds from Edgewater's Little Free Seed Libraries, as well as sharing educational resources on gardening and native plants. Joining them will be Edgewater Library with an actual seed library, and books to check out!

Green Goose Shop

A "prop swap" will be set up by Green Goose Shop for trading houseplant propagations, so bring a cutting to take a cutting! More information on their in-store refill stations will also be provided.

The Floriography Fellows

With a mission to create a sustainable, plastic free, negative carbon footprint floral company; The Floriography Fellows will have locally sourced fresh bouquets, dried arrangements, floral jars, and small wearables. All of their flowers are dried without the use of chemicals, plastics, or dyes. Everything used to package their floral work is also compostable, furthering their sustainability dedication.

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