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In 2020, we were emboldened to take a hard look at our privilege: our privilege as white individuals, our privilege as a north side organization, and our privilege as a predominately white business district. Despite Andersonville being known as a LGBTQIA+ safe haven, and despite our efforts at inclusivity, we fall short in meeting the needs of the black and brown communities here in Chicago.

We are committed to becoming an antiracist organization by engaging our BIPOC members and partners and will use our collective voice and influence to drive racial equity impact and change and to advocate for those whose voices have historically been discounted or silenced.

Statement of Purpose
The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce DEI Committee creates a thriving community by upholding values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Andersonville Business District. Our community working on this continuously is necessary because we live in an unjust society, one with a long history of cultural and systemic discrimination.

Mission Statement
The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce DEI Committee supports the chamber’s commitment to institutional diversity, equity, and inclusion by providing business recruitment and support, education and training, coalition building, data collection and analysis, and support for other organizations engaged in this work.

Vision Statement
All are welcomed, respected, and supported here, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, religion, currently and formerly incarcerated, socioeconomic status, housing insecure, education, marital status, language, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, and learning style.

To view the artists who created the mural above, click here.

Get Involved

DEI Committee Chairs 2022-23

Caitlin Botsios (she/her): Helix
Iggy Ladden (they/them): Chicago Therapy Collective
Dena Pavlovic (she/her): ENJOY, An Urban General Store
Steve Satek (he/him): Great Lakes Clinical Trials
Josh Heatherington (he/him):  Chicago Center for Relationship Counseling
Leni Manaa - Hoppenworth (she/her): Chicago Dance Supply
Sarah Hollenbeck (she/her): Women and Children First
J Emmett (he/they): J Emmett Studios
Kate Harrington-Rosen (she/her): Dynamic Cooperative
Patrick Guthrie (he/him): Community Member and Resident

Mural Artists by Letter

B – Bailey @baileys.funky
L – Molly Costello @mollyccostello
A – Joycelyn Wynter @beautyonthabeatz_
C – Grae Rosa @grae.rosa and Monica Trinidad @itsmonicatrinidad
K – Chi N. @itschinwosu & Yo Y.

T – Jes Scheinpflug @jshine1224
R – Mary Fedorowski @overbitestudio
A – Adam Polak @braverspaces
N – Tiffany Favers @epiphsfromtiff
S – Ivan Vazquez @thechicagolago

L – Laura Kaucher @laurakaucher
I – Daniel @heronhilldesigns
V – Chi N. @itschinwosu & Yo Y.
E – Owen Karcher @owenkarch
S – Melisa @peacecosour & Elisa @e_roar

M – Alex Mendez @always_make_art
A – Touly Phiachantharath @uptowndesignstudio
T – Sam Kirk @iamsamkirk
T – Tattianna Howard @tattigram
E – Shala. @followshala
R – Renisha James @reneweddesigns

Photo by Carson Cloud.

Midsommarfest 2022 Portraits

K.J. Whitehead (she/her)

Andersonville Resident, Comedian + Activist

Iggy Ladden (they/them)

Chicago Therapy Collective

Alexis Martinez (she/her)

Andersonville Resident
The Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois

Tanya Ward (she/her)

Rivendell Theatre @rivendelltheatre
Englewood Arts Collective

Lynn Mooney (she/her)

Woman & Children First

Andre Vasquez (he/him)

Alderperson 40th Ward

Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth (she/her)

Chicago Dance Supply

Sean Connolly (he/him)

Helix Education

Karin Moen Abercrombie (she/her)

Swedish American Museum

Elliot Massuda (he/him)

Andersonville Resident,
ACC volunteer

J. Emmett (he/him/they/them)

J. Emmett Studios


Sarah Hollenbeck (she/her)

Women & Children First

Gregory Graham (he/him)

Costume Designer

Matt Junger (he/him)

Ándale Market + Andersonville
Chamber of Commerce @matt.junger


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