Public Art

"LIFE AT THE INTERSECTIONS" | 2021 Molly Costello | Molly (they/them) is a queer illustrator, food grower, bee keeper and seed saver. Through their art practice they explore themes of interconnectedness, cosmology, biomimicry and social transformation. Molly hopes that through the making and sharing of their artwork they can play a small role in the deep work of reimaging and reshaping our culture out of patterns of supremacy, violence and greed toward a culture of accountability, collective wellness and abundance. "Life at the intersections' ' Is a celebration of the lives that overlap on the bustling streets of Andersonville. By highlighting LGBTQIA2+ and activist legacies of the neighborhood, the mural hopes to inspire reflection on alternative community safety, wellness, mutual support and care. "Life at the intersections" pushes us to imagine a safer, more inclusive future that honors the intersections of our identities and helps us generate a future of collective wellness, environmental stewardship, abundance and play. "Life at the intersections" Was commissioned by the Chicago Association of REALTORS® with special thanks to the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce. Funding was provided by the Chicago Association of Realtors® Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, and Special Service Area #22. Click here to purchase the "Life at the Intersection" Print, post card, or sticker.  
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