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Andersonville at Home hopes to engage the community in a fun night of Midsommarfest-themed entertainment while raising funds to support ACC and the operations necessary to continue to service the business community in the months to come.

"The Chamber is able to serve the Andersonville community year-round because of the generous gate donations given at Midsommarfest,” comments ACC Executive Director Sara Dinges. “If you give at the gate, please consider chipping in $5, $10, $20 during Andersonville at Home to help support and sustain the Chamber, so that we can remain of service to the Andersonville community, especially as we enter an important chapter of post-pandemic economic recovery."

ACC is a 501c6 non-profit organization, which depends heavily on special events to fund its year-round programming. 501c6 organizations were ineligible for the federal relief provided through the PPP and CARES Act. With no federal assistance or special events in the foreseeable future, it is critical for the Chamber to reach out for community support.


Donations to the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce will be collected through various channels:

Venmo App: @AvilleChamber
By Phone: 773-728-2995
By Mail: 5217 N Clark #3, Chicago, IL 60640

While donations are non-tax deductible, all donors will be supplied with a written receipt.


Donors: $1-10

Christina Mosnick Heather Saenger Brandon Baseman
Lucas Fuess Caitlyn Cerza Rory Keane
Michael Murray Betsy Harman Andrew Rice
Pete Glass Kyra Racelis Anne Fisher
 Renea Jacob  Tony Phillips  Courtney Johnson
 David Hackett  Joshua Perry  Marlie Pykelny
 Amy Atkinson  Jonathan Smith  Laurie Goodman
 Kevin Palmer  Katy Campbell  Ashley Galante
 Michael Barry  Rick Verkler  Riachael Swann
 Michelle Hackman  Patty Schintgen  James Gignac
 James Gignac  Stephanie Feldbein  Ann Regan
 Ellen Dulaney  Sheva Tabatabainejad  Ryan Chapman
 Laura West  Rosie Glaser  Lily Amberg
 Natalie Obar  Ashley Henshaw  Jeff Small
 Ashley Valencia  Shahab Tabatabainejad  Dale Schuster
 shaina schrooten  Maja Sunleaf  David Marr
 Torrance Windham  roxanne meyer  Bryan Biello
 Andrew Darcy  Brian Kasper  Jonathan Smith
 Alison Burke  Chris Perchatsch  Les Niedzielski
 Lynne Jordan  Karin Waszazak  Stephanie Dorning
 Heather Brown  Amanda Dowds  Theo Dinges
 Ami Burns  Sam Moose  Tomas Malina
 Daniel Phelps  Amanda Dowds  Sheri Cohen
 Kaitlin Stewart  Tony Johnson  Taylor Brickman
 Eva Emily  Debbie Fenner  Aaron Emily Lofy
 Todd Peterson  Scott James  Jeremy Heckman
 Laura Stratford  Adrian Rubio Wendy Carranza
 Matthew Mateja  Ellen Wheeler  Dina Lindenberg
 Joy Thorbjornsen-Coates  Laura Doherty  Emily Mitchell

Donors: $11-20

Sarah Miller Mudge Chavdar William Howes
Nick Alec Kate LB Carrie Mathews
Tamara Schiller/Charles Hoffman Haily Wineland Kate Korte
Elizabeth Bennetts Sarah Edelstein Kate Dweyer
Mark O  Renee Begy  Mike Onclark
 Erin Myerchin  Jacob Connor  Rachel Bowen
 Erin Horetski  Jacqueline Pelletier  Maria Campbell
 Jason Echols  Trey Elder  Brian Case
 Michael Nguyen  Lisa Zook  Sharon Howerton
 Alison Bouchard  Tom Welch  Lauren Curran
 Jean Alletag  Lisa Beacom  Crystal Zaragoza
 Crystal Zaragoza  Mica Zaragoza  Ian Glasson
 David Martell  Sarah Hamid  Lauren Moore
 John Hueber  Amy Gunderson  Rudy Flores
 Mark Armantrout  Paul Heckel  April Nelson
 John Hoffman Michelle & Dan Nelson  Jay Tolentino
 Randall Clark  James Ginter  Kyle Hamman
 Julia Brenner  Jonathan Smith  katie reap
 Rachel Friend  Sally Blandon  Matt Kuzma
 Rob Sierzega  Brian Callahan  Kristin Thompson
 Johnny Adams  Tammie Jahansen  Ashley Henshaw
 Arielle Angel  Carrie Jackson  Danica Milich
 David Zivo  Alison Ridgway  David Scheller
 Julia Posteraro  Renae Jacob  Susan Stefans
 Christopher Lovejoy  Joanne Grindle  B Voigt
 Andrew Toth  Lisa Myers  Trey Elder
 Daniel Vaneps  Meghan Strange  Kevin Palmer
 Jennifer Stein  Cathy Lauro  Jason Echols
 Dan Michel  Jennifer Fecker  Lawrence Rodriguez
 Amanda Newman  Barry Minx  Hallie Borden
 Thomas Homulka Nadine McFarren Meredith McCann
 Katharine Boza  Erica Muncy  Alison Hays
Joe Swider Chloe Caudillo Laura Eligator
Sarah McCarter Noel Mazaika Nick Lush
Julia Anderson Jan Viscum Terence Wilson
Kory Frey Jeff Osborn Sarah Van Domelen
Laura Harwood Mary Godlewski Cheryl Wolfersberger
Wayne Kumingo Katie Cowell Eric Stoddard

Donors: $21-50

Adam Ferguson Daniel Starr Randy Heite
Rachel Weeks Diana Gardner Ann Scholhamer
Meghan Gebhardt Janet Franz Greg Carroll
 Joan Oberndorf  Bill Hynes  Zena Burns
 Teresa Sullinger Ally Brisbin  Erin Emerson
  Jessica Schneider  Marissa Joy  Karen Bucher
 Marilyn Masucci  Michael Bransford  Joy Malnar
 Celia Bucci  Allison Thawley  Catherine Selen
 Beka Gulotta  Christopher Janzxak  Ellen Shepard
 Andrew Dolder  Erin Stafford  Mary and Bob Edwards
 Chad Schwickerath  Nikki Kuehl  Lauren Swihart
 Deb Brisson  Coralie Janssen  Anthony Hallman
 Deborah Cousino  Patricia Konczyk  Allison Andrews
 Darren Eyster  Caroline Aronson  Stephanie Hesser
 Danny Drees  Jennifer Kennaugh  Annalise Proctor
 Mark Joslyn  Grace Conner  Angela Casper
 Andrew Evans  Chris Bowler  Mary Hoffman
 Joe Mason  Coralie Janssen  Rich Lindell
 Megan Mathy  Jim Jostes  Anne Wagner
 Bailey Street  Christopher Gotschall  Christopher Gotschall
 Elizabeth Schroeder  Marin Swesey  Anthony Hallman
 Caroline Aronson  Karen Hagglund  Lee Cano
 Aaron Post  Sarah Brown  Jennifer Kush
 Tammy Spangler  Anne Miller  Cory Krebsbach
 Kyle Delaney  John Mitchell  John Mitchell
  Katherine Polgar  Molly Stewart  Stephan Mance
 Maria Loew  Ingrid Bechard  Jo-Ann Finkelstein
 Shelly Fuerte  Mitchel Young  Joe Mason
Christa Battaglia Paul Arnell Matt Gebhardt
Kathy Gordon Glenn Sieverson Kathleen and Jerome Stemnock
Bonnie Trafelet  Colleen Flanigan

Donors: $51-100

Mia Sakai Dale Meyer Starla Sholl and Debbie Burkhart
 Karen Rose  Nicole Hall  Kapil Kella
 Jackie Singer  Kyle Delaney  Nick Foltman
 Paul Ruffino  Tamta Meladze  Steph Edwards (ENJOY)
 Mat Olson  Steve Satek  Greg Weber
 Don Fraynd  Patricia Staszak  Brian Harrington
 Jonathan Diehl  Zac Kovac  Karin Abercrombie
Mike Sullivan & Mark Robertson  Janen Ardia  David Rasmussen - Sacred Ways
 Lynn Mooney  Suzanne Hoffman  Brian Harrington
 Natalie Valentino  Jennifer Fecker  Max Daunheimer
 Ann Regan

Donors: $101-250

John Charmelo  Vardan Babelyan  Jamie Kacich and family
 Dean Hervochon  Melody Hannegan  Amy Giordano
 Joanna Van Dorf  Mercantile M

Donors: $251+

Searah Deysach Barb Janusek - State Farm Ronna Hoffberg
Edgewater Candles Colectivo Coffee Andersonville  Don Cortelyou
 Steven Pryor  Michael McGuire  Dana Mikstay
 Lee Nagan  Jerrad Langlois  Pat Alvino
 North Side Federal  Jerry's Sandwiches & FIYA


The following businesses either appear in the Andersonville at Home program or have donated to the raffle:

Bar Roma
Be Yoga
Bryn Mawr Jewelry
Cassona Home Furnishings
Cheetah Gym
Cowboys and Astronauts
Defloured: a Gluten Free Bakery
Early To Bed
Friends of Andersonville
Great Lakes Clinical Trials
Gus Giordano Dance School
Lady Gregory's & Octavio
Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things
Mercantile M
Milk Handmade
Oda Mediterranean Cuisine
Orange Shoe Personal Fitness
Prevent Chronic Pain
Rattleback Records
Reza's Restaurant
Robert Jeffery Hair Studio
School of Rock Andersonville
Swedish American Museum
The Guesthouse Hotel
The Neo Futurists
The Wooden Spoon


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