Andersonville stays up late on the Friday night of Arts Week! Join our area businesses for a night of celebration, with artist receptions and treats at over 50 locations! The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce will also pop-up an Arts Week Headquarters tent outdoors at Farragut and Clark.

Pick up Andersonville Arts Week Guides, meet friends before heading out for the Night of 100 Parties, ask questions about the weekend’s festivities, grab a FREE pedicab, and chat with members of Raven Theatre and The Neo-Futurists.

AKIRA | 5228 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 9PM | Reception for artist Bryan Golden, mixed media 

Andersonville Antiques | 5245 North Clark
PARTY: Open Late | Live painting with artist Kate Augustyn, oil and latex originals and featuring Alexander Gregory, illustration  

Andersonville Cryotherapy and Athletic Recovery Center | 5052 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 9PM | Evening reception for artist Eric Formato, photography

Andersonville Insurance | 5411 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 10PM | Various Artists
Ashlley Duarte, Dayana Araque, Kyak DesignsDavid HartwigMichael CanavanPatti Sugano, and Jack Macklin

Artists for Asylum
Pop-Up Gallery at Gadabout Andersonville | 5212 North Clark
Open 5-10PM | A pop-up gallery empowering artists and
communities to take a stand against the inhumane treatment of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers at the southern border

Be Yoga Andersonville | 5715 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 10PM | 11 Year Anniversary Reception with artists - Casey Murtaugh and Miriam Dolnick, mixed media collage and painting

Big City Optical | 5653 N Clark
PARTY: 6-9PM | Evening Reception for artist James Patrick Ostler, acrylic paintings

Candyality | 5225 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 9PM | Evening reception for artist Carolynn Travis, glitter pop art 

Cassona Home Furnishings and Accessories | 5241 N Clark
PARTY: 7-10PM | Reception for artist Gaby Silva Bavio, abstract art and paintings and live music 

Chicago Methodist Senior Services | Wesley Place | 1415 West Foster
PARTY: 4-8PM | Reception honoring the artwork of local CMSS residents

Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy | 5537 North Clark
PARTY: 6-9PM | Reception for artist Doug Boehm, photography

Chicago Therapy Collective | 5237 North Clark  #2
PARTY: Open until 8PM | "Coming Home: An Artist Showcase."  Featuring Adam Sings in the Timber, Alex Brightbill-Velázquez , Andrea Hill Fitzgerald , Chiara Galimberti, Hereaclitus Here Vernon, Kelly Mattimoe, and Peregrine Bermas.

City Olive | 5644 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 8PM | Featuring olive oil from Lebanon, Oleavanti, culinary 

Cowboys and Astronauts | 1478 West Summerdale
Open until 8PM | Featuring "The Changing Room" public art

Join Cowboys and Astronauts for a hands-on interactive art experience called "The Changing Room" to celebrate Andersonville Arts Week. See the exhibit morph as the room itself changes shape and participants add their thoughts to the walls on the kind of change they have seen or want to see happen in their lives and in the world. Get your cameras, you thoughts, and your reading glasses don't want to miss this one!  The Changing Room will be open from Friday, September 20 - Sunday, September 22 during Cowboy's and Astronaut's normal business hours.

Dearborn Denim & Apparel | 5202 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 10PM | Reception for artist Mike Rivera, photography

Early to Bed | 5044 North Clark
PARTY: 9PM | Reception for artist Fay Nowitz // Nyxturna, mixed media: photographic prints and originals 

Elixir Andersonville | 1509 West Balmoral
PARTY:  Open until 2AM | Featuring the artwork by David Joseph, oil paintings

First Free Church | 5255 North Ashland
PARTY: Open Late | Featuring the artwork of Melynda Van Zee, acrylic paintings

First Slice Pie Café | 5357 North Ashland
Open until 10PM | Featuring the artwork of Aaron Wooten, paintings

FOURSIDED | 5061 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 9PM | Featuring the artwork by various artists, pen & ink, photography, acrylic and oil paints, collage

Foyer Shop | 1480 West Berwyn
PARTY: Open until 9PM |  Featuring the artwork by Polly Yates, ceramics 

FRÍO Gelato | 5152 North Clark
PARTY: 7-8PM | Featuring Tango 21 Dance Theater, performance

Honore Storage | 5147 North Clark
PARTY: 5-6:30PM | Reception for Chris Williford, collage/upcycled materials

iloilo Custom Framing | 1478 West Berwyn
PARTY: 7-9PM | Reception for artist Bob Klunk, sketches & etchings

It's Greek 2 U | 5449 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 9PM | Featuring the artwork by Rick McEachern, paintings

JC Licht | 5424 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 7:30PM | Featuring the artwork by David Dillinger and Becky Galkowski

Jerry's Sandwiches | 5419 North Clark
Open until 12AM | Featuring the artwork by Jaime Reda, paintings 

Kopi Cafe | 5317 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 12AM | Featuring the artwork of Leo Segedin, giclee prints 

Lady Gregory's | 5260 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 1AM | Featuring the artwork by Sally Weiner, contemporary art and O. Ludwig, multiplidiscinary 

Las Manos Gallery | 1515 West Foster
PARTY: 6-9PM | Featuring new work by Michelle Peterson Albandoz, contemporary art and Michael McGuire, drawings and photo-based artwork

Lost Larson | 5318 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 11PM | Featuring the artwork of Jean Cate of Martha Mae, paintings

Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things | 5407 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 10PM | Reception celebrating the work of artists: Anne Bernard-Pattis, ceramics; Deborah Slabeck Baker, embroideries; Jean Cate, drawings

Mercantile M | 5409 1/2 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 10PM | Join Mercantile M in celebrating their 6th Anniversary with various artists.

Milk Handmade | 5137 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 9PM | Reception for artist Adrianne Hawthorne of Ponnopozz, paintings and textiles 

Norcross and Scott | 1476 West Berwyn
PARTY: Open until 9PM | Reception for artist David Dow and Jim Neeley of Wisecracker Studio, sculpture and design

Octavio Cantina and Kitchen | 5260 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 1AM | Reception for artist Cecilio Garcia, contemporary art and Chris Silva, multidisciplinary 

Orange Shoe Personal Fitness | 5607 N Clark
PARTY: Open Late | Reception for artist Chris Mariano, photography

Pearle Vision | 4814 N Clark
PARTY: 6-10PM | Reception for artists Caroline Walser, acrylic paintings

Philadelphia Church Community Center | 5437 North Clark
PARTY: 6-10PM | Reception for featured artists with music and food:
Live Music Solo Artists: Lorenzo Weathersby and Kiersten Upchurch
Spoken Word Artists: Michael J. LeMay, Roxy Spencer, and Matt Lawler

Rattleback Records | 5405 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 9PM | Reception for artist Bobby Brown, acrylic paintings on board and canvas, and L.L. Woolf, colored pencil/marker sketches on cut paper 

RAYGUN | 5207 North Clark
Open until 8PM | Featuring Derek Erdman, paintings

Robert Jeffrey Hair Studio | 5142 North Clark
PARTY: Open until 9PM | Reception with artist Carlos Alvarado Peralta, oil paintings

Rosario Rosi Studio | 1508 ½ West Balmoral
PARTY: 6-10PM | Featuring Rosario Rosilarge-scale figurative sculpture

Scout | 5221 North Clark
PARTY: 6-9pm | Reception for "American Airship," a collection curated by Nicholas Zahn

Simon’s Tavern | 5210 North Clark
Open until 2AM | Featuring Glogg-inspired art, paintings

StellaLily | Popping up near Lost Larson | 5318 North Clark
Open Late | Featuring multiple small works by local artists

StudioUs | 4806 North Clark
PARTY: 7-9PM | Reception for artist Nat Ware, multimedia artist 

Swedish American Museum | 5211 North Clark
FILM:  6PM | “Trespassing.” A group of filmmakers, including Woody Allen, Tomas Alfredson and Wes Anderson, visit Ingmar Bergman's house on the remote Swedish island of Fårö to discuss his legacy.

The Coffee Studio | 5628 North Clark
Open until 7PM| Featuring Phil Thompson, Cape Horn Illustration, illustrations

Transistor | 5224 North Clark
PARTY: Open Late | Featuring artwork by Marcelo Biott, comics and illustrations 

Transit Tees | 5226 North Clark
Open until 9PM | Featuring artwork by staff of Transit Tees, photography, paintings, woodwork

Uncommon Ground | 1401 North Devon
Open until 11PM | Featuring Greenstar Organic Beerstand and Arts Week special

Women & Children First | 5233 North Clark
Open until 9PM: Featuring Molly Costello, prints, totes & cards

Yoga Tree | 5238 North Clark
PARTY: 8-10PM | Featuring  Laura Marsolaism, visual art and music by Dave Hiltebrand, music. Come early at 6PM for Forest Yoga from 6-7PM and Sound & Simple Meditative Music from 7:30-8PM.