Andersonville Arts Week

OCTOBER 10-15 2017

Welcome to Andersonville Arts Week! This event, hosted by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, showcases and celebrates Andersonville’s strong connection to ART of all forms within our thriving community. Now in its 15th year, the former Andersonville Arts Weekend has been expanded into an entire week of festivities, with over 70 local businesses and over 200 artists participating across nine genres of ART: visual, theatre, dance, music, culinary, handmade, kids/family, literary, and public art, with a range of festivities and activities to represent each.

There’s something for everyone at Andersonville Arts Week! On the Self-Guided Art Walk, explore the neighborhood’s unique shops and restaurants and see how they have transformed into galleries! Bring the whole family to our Wednesday night kick-off and enjoy all nine art genres in one space. Or bring a group of friends to the City Made Handmade Market before heading to brunch in the district. Whatever ART brings you here, we hope you are inspired to visit Andersonville time and time again.

Download the Andersonville Arts Week Guide




Below is a snapshot of Andersonville Arts Week with highlighted daily events. To view the full schedule, please click on the daily links below.

All week: Returning district-wide self-guided art walk to view artists’ work at participating businesses.| 11AM-6PM daily (hours vary by business)

Tuesday, October 10: Theatre night: Join the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce with Raven Theatre, Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, and Barrel of Monkeys for the Arts Week Theatre Crawl from 7-10PM.  Plus, check out Eclectic Full Contact Theatre in “Great Minds Think Alike” at Chicago Methodist Senior Services at 6:30PM

Wednesday, October 11: Andersonville Farmers Market expansion and Arts Week kick-off party with special performances | 4-8PM

Thursday, October 12: Culinary features and buskers throughout the neighborhood

Friday, October 13: Stroll & Soriée art walk and parties throughout Andersonville. Please see Friday schedule

Saturday, October 14: Kick-off of outdoor City Made Handmade Market in the Swedish American Museum parking lot from 11AM-6PM. Plus, block parties on Berwyn and Rascher

Sunday, October 15: Andersonville public art tour with Matthew Hoffman, City Made Handmade Market, and much more!

Click below to view daily schedules, or download the Andersonville Arts Week Guide


Participating Locations


Artists: Artist: Ian Glasson
5228 N Clark
2 Alamo Shoes
Artists: Peirce Elementary School students
5321 N Clark
3 Andersonville Antiques
Artist: Kate Augustyn
5245 N Clark
4 Andersonville Brewing
(see Andersonville Eats)
5402 N Clark
5 Andersonville Cryotherapy & Athletic Recovery Center
Artist: Gaby Silva Bavio
5052 N Clark
6 Andersonville Galleria
Featuring over 30 artists! (see Artist section)
5247 N Clark
7 Andersonville Insurance
Artists: Lisa Carter and Janna Jackson
5411 N Clark
8 Appellation Wine Bar & Restaurant
Artist: Karen Perl
5212 N Clark
9 Barrel of Monkeys
(see schedule)
Performing at 5153 N Ashland
10 Be Yoga Andersonville
Featuring over 10 artists! (see Artist section)
5715 N Clark
11 Berman Architecture
Artists: Joel Berman, Jed Morganstein, and Alex Zonis
5212 N Clark, Suite 3
12 Brimfield
Artist: David DeCastro
5219 N Clark
13 Candyality
Artists: Lake View High School students
5225 N Clark
14 Cassona Home Furnishings & Accessories
Artist: Mai Husseine
5241 N Clark
15 CBD Kratom
Artists: Danielle Larsen and Matt Warren
5303 N Clark
16 Cheetah Gym
Artist: Adam Thomas
5248 N Clark
17 Chicago Magic Lounge
(see schedule)
at The Guesthouse Hotel
18 Chicago Methodist Senior Services
Artists: Eclectic Full Contact Theatre and CMSS residents
1415 W Foster
19 Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy
Artist: Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld
5537 N Clark
20 Chiropractic for Life
Artists: Susan Borelli, Anna Todaro and Bryan Worley
5138 N Clark
21 Chirp Radio
(see schedule)
at The Andersonville Farmers Market
22 City Olive
Artists: various chefs (see schedule)
5644 N Clark
23 Dave Rasmussen – The Sacred Ways: Reiki
(see schedule)
at The Guesthouse Hotel
24 Dave Rasmussen – The Sacred Ways: Reiki
(see schedule)
at Sidewinder Gallery
25 DeFloured: A Gluten Free Bakery
Artist: Amy Brophy
1477 W Balmoral
26 Dollop Diner
Artist: Valerie Kahan
5060 N Clark
27 Early to Bed
Artists: Erotic Art Group Show
5044 N Clark
28 EKF Martial Arts
(see schedule)
at The Andersonville Farmers Market
29 Fireside Chicago
Artists: Neumann Family Services
5739 N Ravenswood
30 First Free Church
Various artists (see schedule)
5255 N Ashland
31 First Slice Pie Cafe
Artists: Jason Kennedy and Janet Tonya
5357 N Ashland
32 Foursided
Artists: Edgewater Candles and Todd Mack
5061 N Clark
33 Gus Giordano Dance School
Artists: Gus Giordano dancers and Anthony Wolf
5230 N Clark
34 Hopleaf
Various artists (see schedule)
5148 N Clark
35 IloIlo Custom Framing
Artist: Ginger M. Tunzi
1478 W Berwyn
36 In Fine Spirits
Artist: John Airo
5418 N Clark
37 Jerry’s
Artist: Jaime Reda
5419 N Clark
38 Kopi Cafe
Artists: International work – Bali, Java, Iryan Jaya
5317 N Clark
39 KOVAL @ Candyality
(see schedule)
5137 N Clark
40 KOVAL @ Milk Handmade
(see schedule)
5137 N Clark
41 Lady Gregory’s
Artists: Henri Clifton, Brian Maguire and John Wray
5260 N Clark
42 Las Manos Gallery
Artists: Michelle Peterson Albandoz, Michael McGuire and Jessie Mott
1515 W Foster
43 Lawrence & Clark
Artists: James Galloway and Stephen Jake O’Donnell
4755 N Clark
44 Little Bad Wolf
Artist: Adam Fox
1541 W Bryn Mawr
45 Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things
Artists: Jean Cate and Andrew Jessup
5407 N Clark
46 Milk Handmade
Artist: Lydia Crespo
5137 N Clark
47 Murray & White
Artists: Misericordia Creative Arts
5416 N Clark
48 Neumann Family Services
(see schedule)
at Fireside Restaurant
49 Norcross and Scott
Artist: Chris Pappan
1476 W Berwyn
50 On The Rocks Gems, Jewelry & More
Artist: Tom Loranz
5709 N Clark
51 Philadelphia Church
Various artists (see schedule)
5437 N Clark
52 Pork Shoppe
Artist: Alexandria Williamson
5721 North Clark
53 Presence
Artists: Katy Ellis, Maya Jackson, Demetria Pates and Leandra Trudeau
5216 N Clark
54 Ranalli’s of Andersonville
Artist: Gene Skala
1512 W Berwyn
55 Raven Theatre Company
(see schedule)
6157 N Clark
56 Revive Massage Therapy & Spa
(see schedule)
at The Guesthouse Hotel
57 Rivendell Theatre Ensemble
(see schedule)
5775 N Ridge
58 Robert Jeffrey Hair Studio
Artist: Frederick Walter Nitsch
5142 N Clark
59 Scout
Artist: Mariano Chavez
5221 N Clark
60 Sidewinder Gallery
Various artists (see schedule)
4880 N Clark
Artist: Salvador Campos
5151 N Clark
62 Steep Theatre Company
(see schedule)
115 W Berwyn
63 StudioUs Arts Educators
Artist: Danielle Chutinthranond
4806 N Clark
64 Swedish American Museum
Artists: Blue Eyed Blondes and Gordon Stromberg
5211 N Clark
65 The Coffee Studio
Artist: Molly Costello
5628 N Clark
66 The Guesthouse Hotel
Various artists (see schedule)
4872 N Clark
67 The pH Comedy Theater
(see schedule)
at The Wooden Spoon
68 The SoFo Tap
Artist: Zadko Rosas
4923 N Clark
69 The Wooden Spoon
Artists: The pH Comedy Theater
5047 N Clark
70 Toys et Cetera
Artists: Pierce Elementary School students
5311 N Clark
71 Transistor
Artist: Jenn Kleiman
5224 N Clark
72 Transit Tees
Artists: Transit Tees screen printers
5226 N Clark
73 TrueNorth Cafe
Artists: Anna Dilliard and Patrick Engman
5507 N Clark
74 Vincent
Artist: Collin Klabunde
1475 W Balmoral
75 Winifred Grace
Artists: Annette Baksinska and Kris Joynt
5642 N Clark
76 Women & Children First
Artist: Monica Trinidad and various authors (see schedule)
5233 N Clark
BONUS Rosario Rosi Open Studio
(see schedule)
1508 ½ W Balmoral
BONUS Alleycat Comics
Artist: Jeff Lassiter 
5304 N Clark
BONUS Bethany Retirement Community
Artists: Chris Carollo and Tracy Poyser
4950 N Ashland



Artists are listed in alpha order by First Name below:

Artists whose name begins with a NUMBER
7LF Design @ Andersonville Galleria, mixed media

Artists whose name begins with A
Aaron P Brown @ Be Yoga Andersonville, colored pencil
Adam Fox @ Little Bad Wolf, Mixed Media
Adam Gianforte – Andersonville busker, Violin
Adam Thomas @ Cheetah Gym, Oil Painting
Alex Velazquez @ Andersonville Galleria, painting
Alex Zonis @ Berman Architecture, Oil painter
Alexandria Williamson @ Pork Shoppe
Alvin Yu @ City Olive, Chef de cuisine
Amethyst Gallery @ Andersonville Galleria, stained glass
Amy Brophy @ Defloured: A Gluten Free Bakery, cookie artist
Andersonville Galleria @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, various artists
Andrew Jessup @ Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things, Ceramics
Ange Bolin @ Andersonville Galleria, painting/mixed media
Anna Dilliard @ TrueNorth, Visual art
Anna Todaro @ Chiropractic for Life, Ceramics
Annette Baksinska @ Winifred Grace
Anthony Wolf @ Gus Giordano Dance School, Visual, dancer, poet, choreographer
Anupy Singla @ City Olive, Author
Archangelo Crelencia @ Be Yoga Andersonville, gouache/ink
Ariyama Studio @ Andersonville Galleria, original screen prints
Artworks by Steve Connell @ Andersonville Galleria, ipad paintings
Ava’s Change for Youth @ City Made Makers: Outdoor Handmade Market @ SAM parking lot

Artists whose name begins with B
Barrel of Monkeys @ The Neo-Futurists theatre and Tuesday Theatre Crawl
Barrie Maguire @ Lady Gregory’s, painting
Biblio Bike @ Andersonville Farmers Market – Berwyn Expansion, Mobile library
Blue Caldwell @ Be Yoga Andersonville, digital/mixed media
Blue Eyed Blondes @ Swedish American Museum, Folk/country duo
Blue Horse Blue @ Andersonville Farmers Market – Wednesday Berwyn Expansion
Bow Tied Wood @ Andersonville Galleria, wearable art
Bret Grafton of Sound Off Design @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, prints/clothing
Brian Maguire @ Lady Gregory’s
Bryan Worley @ Chiropractic for Life, Visual art
Bulb Brain Gallery @ Andersonville Galleria, illustrations

Artists whose name begins with C
Cat Koo Levine @ Be Yoga Andersonville, oil paint/graphite
Catherine Game @ Andersonville Galleria, painting
Chop Chop Woodshop @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, handmade electric fans
Chicago Artist Inc @ Andersonville Galleria, painting/mixed media
Chicago Magic Lounge @ The Guesthouse Hotel, Performance
CHIRP Radio @ Andersonville Farmers Market – Wednesday Berwyn Expansion
Chris Carollo @ Bethany Retirement Community, photography
Chris Pappan @ Norcross and Scott Home, Drawings/Paintings
Christine Mroz-Fries @ Andersonville Galleria, functional art
Christopher Royal @ Andersonville Galleria, kinetic sculpture
Classical Revolution @ Jerry’s Sandwiches, String chamber
Clifton Henri @ Lady Gregory’s
Collin Klabunde @ Vincent Restaurant, Sculpture and window painting
Colunga @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, Jewelry
Cool Art Hot Glass @ Andersonville Galleria, fused glass
Cool Cre8tions @ Andersonville Galleria, functional art
Cork @ Andersonville Galleria, functional art

Artists whose name begins with D
Danielle Chutinthranond @ StudioUs, Ceramic Artist
Danielle Larsen @ CBD Kratom, 2-D and 3-D artwork
Danilo Cuevas @ Andersonville Galleria, painting
Darick Maasen @ Be Yoga Andersonville, china marker/colored paper
Dave Rasmussen @ Sidewinder Gallery and The Guesthouse Hotel, REIKI
David DeCastro @ Brimfield, Abstract Wood Prints
Deidra Castillo @ Presence, Photography
Denise Riesen Photography @ Andersonville Galleria, photography/mixed media
Diane Bushemi @ Be Yoga Andersonville, graphite/colored pencil
DY Art @ Andersonville Galleria, painting

Artists whose name begins with E
E.F. Foley @ Andersonville Galleria, photography/mixed media
Eclectic Full Contact Theatre @ Chicago Methodist Senior Services, Improv
Edgewater Candles @ Foursided and City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, handmade candles
Extreme Kung Fu Martial Arts Demo @ Andersonville Farmers Market – Berwyn Expansion
Eula Biss, Nami Mun, and John Freeman @ Women & Children First, Authors
Eva Marie Witt @ Be Yoga Andersonville

Artists whose name begins with F
Formatografia @ Andersonville Galleria, photography
Four Brothers Chocolate @ City Olive, culinary
Frederick Walter Nitsch @ Robert Jeffrey Hair Studio, Acrylic on Canvas and Wood

Artists whose name begins with G
Gaby Silva Bavio @ Andersonville Cryotherapy & Athletic Recovery Center, Oil on canvas and mixed media on paper
Garry Vettori @ Be Yoga Andersonville, Photography/Digital
Gene Skala @ Ranalli’s of Andersonville, Oil Painting
Gene Tenner @ Sidewinder Gallery, Ebru painting
Ginger M. Tunzi Sartorial Pastels @ Iloilo Custom Framing, Pastel sketch
Glitter Master @ Andersonville Galleria, mixed media
Gordon Stromberg @ Swedish American Museum, Collage
Gus Giordano Dance School @ Andersonville Farmers Market – Berwyn Expansion
Gwyn Moss with Murray & White @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, Cards and prints

Artists whose name begins with H
HanaMele Art Studio @ Andersonville Galleria, painting
Harrison Smith-Mooney @ Be Yoga Andersonville, Pencil/ink/watercolors
Henri Clifton @ Lady Gregory’s, photography
Hippie Dippie Art Company/Norbert White Malla Workshop @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, H.D.A.C.- Pottery and wearable art. Norbert-Malas and bracelets
Hoffman Photography @ Andersonville Galleria, photography
Hot Tix @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor

Artists whose name begins with I
Ian Glasson @ AKIRA, Painting and Mixed Media
Images by Ingrid @ Andersonville Galleria, photography
International artists from Bali, Java, Iryan Jaya @ Kopi Cafe, Watercolor, acrylic paintings, masks, wood carvings
ISz @ The Guesthouse Hotel, Paintings
ISz, Kurt Herrmann, Johnny Romeo and TaiWoong Kang @ Sidewinder Gallery, Mixed Media

Artists whose name begins with J
J&L Pogonotrophics @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, Apothecary
Jaime Reda @ Jerry’s Sandwiches, Painting
James Galloway @ Lawrence & Clark, Painting
James Jackson @ Philadelphia Church, designer/sculptor
Janet Tonya @ First Slice, oil painting
Janna Jackson @ Andersonville Insurance, Painting
Jason Branson @ Be Yoga Andersonville, Pencil
Jason Kennedy Photography @ First Slice, photography
Jean Cate @ Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things, Paintings/drawings
Jeff Lassiter @ Alleycat Comics, illustration/sketch
Jed Morganstein @ Berman Architecture, Sketch
Jenn Kleiman @ Transistor, Lamp artist
Jennifer Egan @ Women & Children First, Author
Jessie Mott @ Las Manos Gallery, Drawings
Jhenai Mootz @ Andersonville Galleria, mixed media
Jim Lange @ Andersonville Galleria, painting
Joe Smigielski @ Andersonville Galleria, painting
Joel Berman @ Berman Architecture, Sketch
Joel Hall Dancers @ Andersonville Farmers Market – Berwyn Expansion
John Airo @ In Fine Spirits, Painting
John Kaney @ Andersonville Galleria, photography
John Lamm @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, acoustic guitar
John Landin @ Sidewinder Gallery, Glass blowing
John Wray @ Lady Gregory’s, Wood carved bar
Jonathon Lee Photography @ Andersonville Galleria, photography
Joshua Gilley @ Be Yoga Andersonville, acrylic/watercolor/pencils/digital ink

Artists whose name begins with K
Karen Perl @ Appellation Wine Bar & Restaurant, Painting
Kate Augustyn @ Andersonville Antiques, Painting
Katherine Ann Confections @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor and The Guesthouse Hotel, Chocolates
Katy Ellis @ Presence, Painting
Katy Miller @ Be Yoga Andersonville, pencil/marker
Keith Harris @ StudioUs, Hip-Hop
Kris Joynt @ Winifred Grace, Leather
Kristin Mount @ Be Yoga Andersonville, watercolor and ink

Artists whose name begins with L
Lake View High School Artists @ Candyality, Candy wrapper “POP ART”
Leandra Trudeau @ Presence, Painting
Lia Nicine McCoo and Keryn Moriyah @ Philadelphia Church, Music duo
Lilla Barn @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, Children’s clothing
Lily Niederpruem @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, Painting
Lisa Carter @ Andersonville Insurance, Portraits
Lucius Art @ Andersonville Galleria, illustrations
Lydia Crespo of Argaman + Defiance @ Milk Handmade, Textile

Artists whose name begins with M
Made by Q @ Andersonville Galleria, mixed media
Magic Mushroom Paper Co. @ Andersonville Galleria, illustration
Mai Husseine @ Cassona Home Furnishings, Acrylic
Mariachi Sirenas @ Lady Gregory’s / Octavio, mariachi band
Mariano Chavez @ Scout, Painting/Sculpture
Marissa Voytenko @ First Free, encaustic painting
Mark Costello @ City Olive, Chef du cuisine
Mary Jo Ernst @ Be Yoga Andersonville, paint ink
Mary Wells Design @ Andersonville Farmers Market, Handmade Kids Plush Toys
Matt Kasunic @ Be Yoga Andersonville, graphite and ink
Matt Warren @ CBD Kratom, 2-D artwork, Acrylic
Maureen Ewing Photography @ Andersonville Galleria, Photography
Maya Jackson @ Presence, Clothing Designs
Merry Music Makers sing-a-long with Ms. Maria @ Andersonville Farmers Market – Berwyn Expansion
Michael Anderson @ Sidewinder Gallery, Photography
Michael J. LeMay @ Philadelphia Church, Poetry
Michael McGuire @ Las Manos Gallery, Drawings
Michele Williams @ Andersonville Galleria, painting
Michelle Peterson Albandoz @ Las Manos Gallery, Drawings
Michelle Starbuck Designs @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, Jewelry
Mike Winchester @ Andersonville Galleria, Mixed media
Misericordia Creative Arts @ Murray and White, Painting, prints, ceramics, bead work
Misericordia Hearts & Flours Bakery @ Murray and White and Andersonville Farmers Market – Berwyn Expansion, Pastry
Molly Costello @ The Coffee Studio and City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, Paper Illustration
Monica Trinidad @ Women & Children First, Water color & acrylic painting

Artists whose name begins with N
Neumann Family Services @ Fireside Restaurant and City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, client photography
New Life Arts featuring Tiffany Daniels @ Philadelphia Church, Band

Artists whose name begins with O
Odea @ Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy, Acoustic guitar, singer/song-writer
Oorn @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, Illustrator/Stationary/Caricatures
Orange Beautiful City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, Stationery/Paper goods
Out in the Parks @ Andersonville Galleria, Photography
Outlier Metal Arts @ Andersonville Galleria, Mixed media

Artists whose name begins with P
Pancake Town Podcast @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, Live podcast
Patrick Engman @ TrueNorth, Photography
Paula Nathan @ Andersonville Galleria, Painting/illustration
Peirce Elementary School Students @ Alamo Shoes and Toys et Cetera, Painting/sketch
Pencil Lady @ Andersonville Galleria, Mixed media
Pete Trilio @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, and busking in Andersonville, Ukulele
Phil Circle/Guilt by Association @ Andersonville Farmers Market
Ponytown String Band @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, String Band
Pottery by Richard Zeid @ Andersonville Galleria, Glass art

Artists whose name begins with R
Rapid Bat: Music and the Mayhem @ Andersonville Farmers Market – Berwyn Expansion
Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld @ Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy, Oil painting from photographs
Randall Miller @ Be Yoga Andersonville, Oil paint/graphite
Raven Theatre @ Raven Theatre, Theatre
Reformado Photography, LLC @ Andersonville Galleria, Photography
Renee Lieber @ Andersonville Galleria, Wearable art
Residents of Chicago Methodist Senior Services @ Chicago Methodist Senior Services
Revive Massage Therapy & Spa @ The Guesthouse Hotel, Massage Therapy
Rimma Mitchell Photography @ Andersonville Galleria, Photography
Rivendell Theatre Ensemble @ Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, Theatre
Robin Reva @ Philadelphia Church, Painter
Roger Moy @ Andersonville Galleria, Functional art
Rosario Rosi @ 1508 1/2 Balmoral Open Studio, Sculpture

Artists whose name begins with S
Steep Theatre @ Steep Theatre, Theatre
Salvador Campos @ SIR Spa, Painting & found object sculptures, assemblages
Soap Distillery @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, handmade soap
Sophia Reyes @ City Made Handmade Market: Indoor, women’s clothing
Stacy & Yutaka @ Andersonville Galleria, Painting and wearable art
Stella Lily Art Bus @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, various artists
Stephen Jake O’Donnell @ Lawrence & Clark, Electronic music
Steve Slaske @ Andersonville Galleria, Painting/pen&ink
Strictly Jug Nuts, busking around Andersonville, Jug Band Music
Studio Chris @ Andersonville Galleria, Illustration
Susan Borelli @ Chiropractic for Life, Ceramics
Synapse Dance Collective @ First Free, Dance performance

Artists whose name begins with T
Tania Rodamilans @ Andersonville Galleria and The Guesthouse Hotel, Painting/mixed media/jewelry
The Collage Café @ Andersonville Galleria, Mixed media
The Diving Bell @ First Free, Front-porch Americana band
The Glass Station @ Andersonville Galleria, Glass art
The One Woman @ Hopleaf, Variety Performance
The pH Comedy Theater @ First Free and The Wooden Spoon, Sketch, comedy, improv
Thomas Perry @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, guitar
TMDerrickson @ Andersonville Galleria, Mixed media
Todd Mack @ Foursided, Collage, framing/assemblage
Tom Loranz @ On the Rocks, Acrylic painting
Tracey Capone @ Andersonville Galleria, Photography
Tracy Poyser @ Bethany Retirement Community, photography
Transit Tees @ Transit Tees, Screen printing
Trillium Trio @ First Free, Celtic folk, ragtime, bluegrass & dixieland music
Tuesday Funk @ Hopleaf, Literary performance

Artists whose name begins with V
Valerie Kahan @ Dollop Diner, Photography

Artists whose name begins with W
We are Lions @ City Made Handmade Market: Outdoor, original art/pillows/apparel

Artists whose name begins with Z
Zadko Rosas @ The SoFo Tap, Marker

Arts Week Eats

Arts Week Restaurant Specials

Dine out at the following locations during Arts Week: October 10-15
Andersonville Brewing: All Week | A special pairing of Beers & Burgers featuring sample sizes of Andersonville Brewing beers and mini burger “sliders”

Appellation Wine Bar & Restaurant: All Week | The Aquavit Manhattan ($9) featuring local CH Distillery Aquavit – a nod the neighborhood’s Swedish heritage.

DeFloured: A Gluten Free Bakery: All Week | Featuring fancy artistic cookies and cake pops for sale

Lady Gregory’s: All Week | Special cocktails: Widow Jane Old Fashion & Lady Gregory Fizz with Grey Goose

Little Bad Wolf: October 13-15 | Special cocktail: “The Famous #44” featuring Aylesbury Duck Vodka, Chartreuse, and Aperol Aperitivo

Ranalli’s of Andersonville| Half off bottles of wine (Tuesday only), plus $3 seasonal beer, $5 cocktail specials, and $5 pizza slice meal (all week)

The Coffee Studio: All Week | Special cocktail: Maple Craftsman (Breckenridge Bourbon, Maple Syrup and Koval Ginger)

Vincent Restaurant: October 11 only | Farmers Market Menu – A shared prix fixe meal with 50% of profit going toward the LINK matching program

Farmers Market Eats

October 11 | 3-8PM
Amazing Kale Burger, sliders (v)
Bennison’s Bakery, baguette sandwiches
First Slice, hand pie varieties
Hadrin Family Farms & Orchards, candied apples (v)
Karl’s Craft Soup, chilled and hot varieties
Letizia, walking pizza varieties
Phoenix Bean, flavored tofu meals (v)

Plus, fresh produce & baked goods from our other Andersonville Farmers Market vendors!



Andersonville Arts Week is a program of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, with additional funding from the Andersonville SSA #22.

For questions regarding Andersonville Arts Week, please contact:

Joelle Scillia
Director of Marketing
Andersonville Chamber of Commerce
773.728.2995 x.103