Andersonville Arts Week

SEPTEMBER 12-16 2018

Welcome to Andersonville Arts Week! This event, hosted by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, showcases and celebrates Andersonville’s strong connection to art of all forms within our thriving business district. Now a month earlier, the event is in its 16th year and features 5 days of festivities, with over 50 local businesses and over 100 artists participating across nine genres of ART: visual, theatre, dance, music, culinary, handmade, kids/family, literary, and public art, with a range of festivities and activities to represent each.

We promise there’s something for everyone at Andersonville Arts Week! On the Self-Guided Art Walk, explore the neighborhood’s unique shops and restaurants and see how they have transformed into galleries. Bring the whole family to our Wednesday night expanded Andersonville Farmers Market with live performances and outdoor community tables for al fresco dining. Or bring a group of friends to the Friday Night of Artist Receptions & Neighborhood Parties; check in at Arts Week Headquarters first to grab an Arts Week Guide, shop local handmade artists, and to catch a free pedicab around the district!

Whatever art brings you here, we hope you are inspired to visit Andersonville time and time again.




Below is a snapshot of Andersonville Arts Week, September 12-16 with highlighted daily events. Please use the links above to access full schedules each day.

ALL WEEK: Returning district-wide Self-Guided Art Walk to view artists’ work at participating businesses. | 11AM-6PM daily (hours vary by business)

Wednesday, September 12: Andersonville Farmers Market expansion with additional seating and performances from Gus Giordano Dance School, Andersonville Strings, and Urban Pooch on the east side of Clark on Berwyn (weather dependent) (4-7PM); Bob Ross Paint Night at Ridman’s Coffee with StudioUs (8-10PM); REFLECTIONS film screening at Swedish American Museum (Noon & 6PM); David Parr’s Cabinet of Curiosities at Chicago Magic Lounge (7:30PM) – See full schedule

Thursday, September 13: The Art of Coffee at TrueNorth (7PM); Stand up comedy at Ridman’s Coffee ( 7-8:30PM); Rosario Rosi Eighth Day Gallery Open House at 5535 North Sheridan (7-10PM) – See full schedule

Friday, September 14: Night of Artist Receptions & Neighborhood Parties (5-10PM) throughout Andersonville. Arts Week Headquarters opens at 1511 West Berwyn featuring Hot Tix, Burrow, neighborhood theatres, and local handmade artisans and merchants – See full schedule

Saturday, September 15: Philadelphia Church Block Party on Rascher (12-5:30PM); Clark Street Walking Tour for Arts Week with Chicago for Chicagoans (Noon-1:30PM);  Chicago Therapy Collective’s Trans Art Is Outdoor Live Performances @ Clark & Berwyn (6-9PM); Arts Week HQ & Handmade Market (11AM – 5PM) – See full schedule

Sunday, September 16: Clark Street Walking Tour for Arts Week with Chicago for Chicagoans (Noon-1:30PM), Arts Week HQ & Handmade Market (11AM-4PM), and Andersonville Arts Week Closing Party & Silent Auction hosted at Jerry’s to benefit Arts of Life, sponsored by Stillhouse Whiskey and Dearborn Denim (5-10PM) – See full schedule

Click below to view daily schedules, or download the Andersonville Arts Week Guide


Participating Locations


For Self-Guided Art Walk details, please scroll to next section

 HQ Arts Week Headquarters (Sept. 14-16)
Featuring: Andersonville Theatres, handmade artists, merchants and Hot Tix,  please see schedule for more
1511 West Berwyn
Artist: Julia Banderas 
5228 North Clark
2 Akvavit Theatre
Artist: Micah Kronlokken
5153 North Clark #306
3 Andersonville Antiques
Artist: Kate Augustyn
5245 North Clark
4 Andersonville Cryotherapy & Athletic Recovery Center
Artist: Allison Svoboda
5052 North Clark
5 Andersonville Galleria
Artists: Various, see Self-Guided Art Walk
5247 North Clark
6 Andersonville Insurance
Artists: TBD
5411 North Clark
7 Appellation Wine Bar & Restaurant
Artist: Ricky McEachern
5212 North Clark
8 Artisanville
Artists: TBD
5653 North Ashland
9 Bethany Retirement Community
Artists: David Rothen
4950 North Ashland
10 Be Yoga Andersonville
Artist: Various, see Self-Guided Art Walk
5715 North Clark
11 Candyality
Featuring: “Kid in a Candy Store” display
5225 North Clark
12 Cassona Home Furnishings & Accessories
Artist: Jose Cruz
5241 North Clark
13 Chicago Magic Lounge
Featuring: Performances all week, see schedule
5050 North Clark
14 Chicago Methodist Senior Services
Artists: Jan & Keith (Residents of CMSS)
1415 West Foster
15 Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy
Artists: Rosbel Alpi & Adjacent Cruise
5537 North Clark
16 Chicago Therapy Collective
Artists: Trans Art Is, see Self-Guided Art Walk & schedule 
at Andersonville Galleria & HQ pop-up
17 City Olive
Artists: Mollie Green & Four Brothers Chocolate
5644 North Clark
18 Colectivo Coffee (Sept. 15)
Featuring: Coloring books & coffee at Rascher Block Party, see schedule
5425 North Clark
19 Confetti Gals
Artist: Krysta Michorczyk
at Arts Week HQ
20 Cowboys and Astronauts
Artist: Chris Carlson
1478 West Summerdale
21 Dearborn Denim & Apparel
Featuring: Bloodshot Records & Stillhouse Whiskey
5202 North Clark
22 Early to Bed
Artists: Erotic & Feminist local artists
5044 North Clark
23 Elixir Andersonville
Artist: Tara Keating
1509 West Balmoral
24 Farmers Market
Artists: Various, please see Sept. 12 schedule
1500 West Berwyn
25 First Free Church
Artist: Steve Carrelli
5255 North Ashland
26 First Slice Pie Cafe
Artist: Aaron Wooten
5357 North Ashland
27 Foursided
Artist: Todd Mack
5061 North Clark
28 Foyer Shop
Artists: Carnevale Clay
1480 West Berwyn
29 Gus Giordano Dance School (Sept. 12)
Artists: Gus Dancers, please see schedule
at Farmers Market
30 Honore Storage
Artist: Jason Kennedy 
5147 North Clark
31 IloIlo Custom Framing
Artist: TBD
1478 West Berwyn
32 Jameson Loves Danger
Artist: Darren Jones & Ruby Western
5208 North Clark>/td>
33 Jerry’s Sandwiches
Artists: Megan Morey & Lisa Splet
Host Location: Arts Week Closing Party (Sept. 16), see schedule 
5419 North Clark
34 Kopi Cafe
Artists: Various, see Self-Guided Art Walk
5317 North Clark
35 Lady Gregory’s
Artists: Brian Maguire, Henri Clifton & John Wray
5260 North Clark
36 Lakeshore Dental Studio
Artists: Marie Alesia, Michael Kowalsky & Whiffahugs
5505 North Clark
37 Las Manos Gallery
Artists: Michael McGuire & Michelle Peterson Albandoz
1515 West Foster
38 Lawrence & Clark
Artist: Wesley Willis
4755 North Clark
39 Lost Larson
Artists: Noelle Africh & Bree Schaffer
5318 North Clark
40 Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things
Artists: Jean Cate, Andrew Jessup & Facture Goods
5407 North Clark
41 Mercantile M
Artist: Yusef Riazi
5409 1/2 North Clark
42 Milk Handmade
Artist: Viktor Van Bramer
5137 North Clark
43 Murray & White
Artists: Misericordia’s Creative Arts Program & Hearts & Flour Bakery
5416 N Clark
44 Norcross & Scott
Artist: Chris Pappan
1476 West Berwyn
45 Octavio Cantina & Kitchen
Artists: Cecilio Garcia
5310 North Clark
46 Orange Shoe Personal Fitness
Artist: Christopher Mariano
Featuring: Empirical Brewery
5609 North Clark
47 Philadelphia Church
Artists: Various, see Self Guided Art Walk & schedule for Rascher Block Party on Sept. 15
5437 North Clark
48 Ridman’s Coffee
Artist: Julia Thiel
4758 North Clark
49 Robert Jeffrey Hair Studio
Artists: Amber Kouba & Jeff Lassiter
5142 North Clark
50 Rosario Rosi Studio (Sat. Sept. 15)
Artist: Rosario Rosi works in progress, see schedule 
1506 West Balmoral
51 Rosario Rosi’s Eighth Day Gallery (Sept. 13 only)
Artist: Rosario Rosi 
5535 North Sheridan
52 Scout
Artist: Sylvia Schuster
5221 North Clark
53 Seeds Center
Artist: Charlotte Lin
1212 West Balmoral
54 StudioUs Arts Educators
Artist: Laura Leigh Bean
4806 North Clark
55 Swedish American Museum
Artists: Ariana Ramhage, Karin Broos, Sara Broos, & Shannon Downey of Badass Cross Stitch
5211 North Clark
56 The Coffee Studio
Artist: Connie Wolfe
5628 North Clark
57 The Guesthouse Hotel
Artists: Tania Rodamilans & UrbanArt Chicago
Featuring: Cutwater Spirits (Sept. 14)
4872 North Clark
58 Transistor
Artist: Rafael Rivera
5224 North Clark
59 Transit Tees
Artist: Matt Gillengerten
5226 North Clark
60 TrueNorth Cafe (Sept. 13 only)
Featuring: The Art of Coffee
5507 North Clark
61 Urban Pooch Demo (Sept. 12 only)
Featuring: Dog agility course, please see schedule
at Farmers Market
62 Vincent
Artists: Collin Klabunde & Mike Rivera/No Humans Around
1475 West Balmoral
63 Women and Children First
Artist: Isabella Rotman
5233 North Clark
64 Yoga Tree (Sept. 14 only)
Artists: John Baker Arts, Brittany Nelson & The Accidental Cover Quartet 
5238 North Clark

Self-Guided Art Walk

Self-Guided Art Walk

September 12 – September 16 |  (hours vary by business, please check business websites)

Open all week, participating businesses have turned their shops into pop-up art galleries for an Andersonville-wide self-guided Art Walk! Use the mobile map available here or via the Arts Week homepage to reference exact locations and stop by during business hours to view displayed work!

For scheduled events, activities, reception and parties during Arts Week, please view the daily schedule.

Arts Week Headquarters | 1511 West Berwyn
Featuring: Andersonville theatres, HotTix, Burrow, Handmade Market & more | September 14-16, see schedule for more details

AKIRA | 5228 North Clark
Featuring: Julia Banderas, contemporary screen prints and murals | All Week

Andersonville Antiques | 5245 North Clark
Featuring: Kate Augustyn, painting | All Week

Andersonville Cryotherapy and Athletic Recovery Center | 5052 North Clark
Featuring: Allison Svoboda, large-scale wall installations | All Week

Andersonville Galleria | 5247 North Clark
Featuring: 100+ resident artists | All Week, see schedule for workshops

Andersonville Insurance | 5411 North Clark
Featuring: Artists represented by Patti Sugano | All Week

Appellation | 5212 North Clark
Featuring: Ricky McEachern, oil painting | All Week

Bethany Retirement Community | 4950 North Ashland, 1st Floor
Featuring: David Rothen, exhibit Kaleidoscopes | Sept. 12-14

Be Yoga Andersonville | 5715 North Clark
Featuring: Diverse portraits of people practicing yoga by Kristin Mount, Cat Koo Levine, Erin Gallagher, Lauren Flaaen, Eevee Witt, Fabiola Roquena, Joshua Rogers, Ari Eisenberg, Katy Miller, Jennifer Yang, Robert Kameczura, Archangelo Crelencia, Elena Jonynaite, Blair Michele, Neal Johnson, photography | All Week

Candyality | 5225 North Clark
Featuring: “Kid in a Candy Store,” various artists, photography | All Week

Cassona Home Furnishings and Accessories | 5241 North Clark
Featuring: Jose Cruz, acrylic | All Week

Chicago Methodist Senior Services | 1415 West Foster
Featuring: CMSS resident artwork | Sunday, September 16

Chicago Therapy Collective at Andersonville Galleria | 5247 North Clark, 2nd floor artist loft
Featuring: Trans Art Is – a community art project with photography, painting, print, sculpture, multi-media | All Week

City Olive | 5644 North Clark
Featuring: Mollie Green, hand drawn cards and visual art September 14-16

Cowboys and Astronauts | 1478 West Summerdale
Featuring: Chris Carlson, 3D chalk public art | September 13-16

Dearborn Denim & Apparel | 5202 North Clark
Featuring: Bloodshot Records, prints and vinyls | All Week

Early to Bed | 5044 North Clark
Featuring: Various artists, erotic art | All Week

Elixir Andersonville | 1509 West Balmoral
Featuring: Tara Keating, fine art, pet portraits & collage | All Week

First Slice Pie Café | 5357 North Ashland
Featuring: Aaron Wooten, paintings and drawings | All Week

First Free | 5255 North Ashland
Featuring: Steve Carrelli, paintings and drawings | All Week

Foursided | 5061 North Clark
Featuring: Todd Mack, “Collageries!” typography, collage and framing assemblage | All Week

Foyer Shop | 1480 West Berwyn
Featuring: Carnevale Clay, clay sculpture | All Week

Honore Storage | 5147 North Clark
Featuring: Jason Kennedy, photography | Sept. 13-16

Iloilo Custom Framing | 1478 West Berwyn
Featuring: TBD

Jameson Loves Danger | 5208 North Clark
Featuring: Darren Jones, painting; Ruby Western, graphic design  | All Week

Jerry’s Sandwiches | 5419 North Clark
Featuring: Megan Morey and Lisa Splet, painting | All Week

Host Location for Arts Week Closing Party featuring many more artists! Sponsored by Stillhouse Whiskey and Dearborn Denim and benefiting The Arts of Life | Sunday, September 16 (see schedule)

Kopi Cafe | 5317 North Clark
Featuring: Various artists, antique textile from India, paintings from Bali, masks, and wood carvings from the islands of the Indonesian archipelago | All Week

Lady Gregory’s | 5260 North Clark
Featuring: Brian Maguire, portrait; Henri Clifton, photography; John Wray, wood carved bar | All Week

Lakeshore Dental Studio | 5505 North Clark
Featuring: Michael Kowalsky, photography | All Week; Whiffahugs, handmade plush oil diffusers | Friday, September 14

Las Manos Gallery | 1515 West Foster
Featuring: Michael McGuire and Michelle Peterson Albandoz, visual art | September 14-16

Lawrence & Clark | 4755 North Clark
Featuring: Wesley Willis, drawings | September 14-15

Lost Larson | 5318 North Clark
Featuring: Noelle Africh, painting; Bree Schaffer, primate paintings | All Week

Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things | 5407 North Clark
Featuring: Jean Cate, painting and drawing; Andrew Jessup, painting and pottery; Facture Goods, pottery and utensils | All Week

Mercantile M | 5409 1/2 North Clark
Featuring: Yusef Riazi, photography “The American Condition” | All Week

Milk Handmade | 5137 North Clark
Featuring: Viktor Van Bramer, paintings, perfumes and incense | All Week

Murray & White | 5416 North Clark
Featuring: Misericordia’s Creative Arts Program, various art forms | All Week

Norcross and Scott | 1476 West Berwyn
Featuring: Chris Pappan, native american drawings/paintings | All Week

Octavio Cantina & Kitchen | 5310 North Clark
Featuring: Cecilio Garcia, painting | All Week

Orange Shoe Personal Fitness | 5609 North Clark
Featuring: Christopher Mariano, photography | All Week

Philadelphia Church | 5437 North Clark
Featuring: Tiffany Daniels, singer/songwriter; Antonia Ruppert. urban community painting; Michael J. LeMay, poetry and graphic design; Deena, handmade crafts; Terri Crockett, watercolors; Lia Nicine McCoo & Keryn Moriyah, live music; and more! | September 14-16

Ridman’s Coffee | 4758 North Clark
Featuring: Julia Thiel, ceramics | All Week

Robert Jeffrey Hair Studio | 5142 North Clark
Featuring: Amber Kouba, pet tarot readings; Jeff Lassiter, live caricature | Friday, September 14

Scout | 5221 North Clark
Featuring: Sylvia Schuster, drawings | All Week

StudioUs | 4806 North Clark
Featuring: Laura Leigh Bean, illustration | All Week

Swedish American Museum | 5211 North Clark
Featuring: Ariana Ramhage, painting | All Week; Karin Broos, painting | All Week; Brunk Children’s Museum of Immigration, kids crafts | All Week; see schedule for activities

The Coffee Studio | 5628 North Clark
Featuring: Connie Wolfe, paper illustration and sculpture | All Week

The Guesthouse Hotel | 4872 North Clark
Featuring: Tania Rodamilans, handmade jewelry; UrbanArtChicago by Andrew Christen, reclaimed wood signs | All Week

Transistor | 5224 North Clark
Featuring: Rafael Rivera | All Week

Transit Tees | 5226 North Clark
Featuring: Matt Gillengerten, woodwork | All Week

Vincent | 1475 West Balmoral
Featuring: Collin Klabunde, interior sculpture; Mike Rivera/No Humans Around, photography | All Week

Women & Children First | 5233 North Clark
Featuring: Isabella Rotman, Queer comic book artist front window display | All Week

Arts Week Drinks

Arts Week Drink Promotion

Often thought of as the highlight of Andersonville Arts Week, the Night of Artist Receptions & Neighborhood Parties just got even better! We’ve partnered with three area restaurants for a special Arts Week Drink Promotion.

Visit 5 parties (or participating businesses) on Friday, September 14 between 5-10PM and you’ll be eligible for a FREE DRINK TICKET* redeemable at one of three locations: Appellation, Jerry’s or Vincent!


Bring a Andersonville Arts Week Guide booklet (available at Arts Week Headquarters or participating businesses) around to 5 different parties on Friday night, September 14. The business must place the appropriate sticker in each box below. And don’t forget to write the name of the party location! Promotion is only valid if you visit the locations on Friday night, September 14.

Show your completed booklet to Chamber staff at Arts Week Headquarters (1511 West Berwyn) anytime during HQ hours of operation to claim your FREE DRINK TICKET to either Appellation, Jerry’s or Vincent!

Headquarters is open: Friday, September 14 | 5-9PM; Saturday, September 15 from 11AM-5PM; and Sunday, September 16 from 11AM-4PM.

Your drink ticket is valid until end of day on Sunday, September 16. Enjoy!

*Promotion valid for 150 participants, 50 per participating restaurant. Promotion is valid for guest 21+ and is first come first serve on redemption. Drink tickets must be claimed and redeemed by end of day Sunday, September 16.



Andersonville Arts Week is a program of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, with additional funding from the Andersonville SSA #22.

For questions regarding Andersonville Arts Week, please contact:

Joelle Scillia
Director of Marketing
Andersonville Chamber of Commerce
773.728.2995 x.103